Salmon Creek Treatment Plant Improvements Project

The treatment plant is a vital part of the wastewater system—safeguarding public health, environmental quality and our community's economic future. This project will provide for a modest increase in treatment capacity and improve odor containment and treatment for the facility.

Project Overview

The Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant receives and treats roughly 8–10 million gallons of wastewater per day from homes and businesses. All wastewater received at the plant is treated to a high standard before clean water, or effluent, is conveyed and discharged into the Columbia River. As our community grows, we will need to expand the plant's treatment capacity to meet the increasing flow of wastewater.

Project Documents

Columbia River Outfall and Effluent Pipeline Project Map

Contact Us

Adrienne DeDona, Public Outreach Manager, can be contacted at (360) 903-4792.

Project information can be provided in other formats or languages upon request.